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5 Tips for Creating a More Responsive Connection with Your Pet

In today’s fast paced, ego-centric world, it can be all too easy to forget, if even just for a moment, that animals are living creatures capable of emotions.  They require nourishment, love and care just like humans do.  We know that dogs can cry, cats possess intelligence, horses can discern facial expressions, and so on, […]

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Cat’s Hairballs

In most cases, hairballs are no big deal. Sure, they’re pretty gross to think about, and it’s obviously uncomfortable for your best friend, but the occasional hairball is usually no cause for alarm. Like anything, though, there are exceptions to the rule. In rare cases, hairballs can become so severe that they create a life-threatening […]

Spring Into Action with Heartworm Prevention

For pet owners, and dog owners in particular, Spring means a number of exciting things.  Spring means spending more time outside for longer walks, games of Frisbee in the parks and exploring all that the great outdoors has to offer.  It means playing in the rain and rolling around in the freshly sprouted daisies.  But, […]