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Social Referencing in Pets

“Social referencing” is a concept that is talked about frequently in the world of human pediatrics and parenting.  With babies, social referencing refers to when infants and toddlers study their parents’ body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to develop their own similar reaction to things or events that are new to them. Well, […]

Best Gift Ideas for Pets (and Pet-Lovers)

A few weeks ago, we offered up a few great pet-related Cyber Monday sales.  However, if you’re like most of us, last-minute shopping is almost a given.  This week, we found some pretty awesome gift ideas for pets, and we couldn’t resist sharing. Check out The Best Gifts for Pets (and Their Owners!), courtesy of […]

Aging Pet Meets Slippery Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful and easy to clean, but they also create difficulties for your pets.  These slippery surfaces don’t provide as much traction as the wall-to-wall carpeting of previous decades, and our furry family members are starting to feel it. Hip and knee injuries are becoming more and more common, and a large number […]