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What to Do if Your Pet Bites Someone

Has your dog ever shown aggression to others?  Have they ever tried to snap at a passerby or reacted in rage when spooked?  Unfortunately, these behaviors do happen and the results can be devastating. For dog owners, someone being bit is probably one of the worst things that you could imagine.  Whether your pet has […]

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

It’s a tail not uncommon to pet owners and pet caregivers, alike – July 4th can be a scary time! Though exciting for humans, most pets, especially dogs, are terrified of our nation’s explosively festive holiday. Why? Because, most pets are terrified of fireworks. July fourth is often a stressful time for pets, as loud […]

Summer Pet Care Tips

It’s safe to say that Summer is officially here, in Florida! That means it’s time to revisit those all-too-important pet care tips that will keep your dogs and cats safe and healthy in these blazing hot temperatures. Here’s what you need to know and be on the lookout for this summer: Heat Watch for overheating: […]