Benefits of Working from Home with Your Pet

With more of us working from home these days as we practice social distancing, pet owners are finding that their new work lifestyle can come with quite a few unexpected perks!  After all, saying goodbye to our beloved, loyal companions each day as we head into the office is never easy and can often come with feelings of guilt.  But now, pets everywhere get to stand by their owners’ side as they put in those long hours from a home office.  It’s a win-win for all, as they don’t have to experience that heart breaking separation anxiety, and we get to work alongside our best friends! 

So, we encourage you to look at this time as an opportunity for bonding with your four-legged family members in these days ahead.  Just look at all of the amazing benefits you’ll both be receiving as you spend more quality time together: 

  • Reduced Stress – We already know that having pets around reduces stress and anxiety.  So, of course that translates to your new work-from-home situation!  Pets have proven to not only reduce stress levels but lower blood pressure and positively affect your overall health in so many other ways. 
  • Increased Quality of Work-Life – Working from home means more opportunity to be present in all of your home relationships, especially those which you have with your pets.  Work can be stressful even at the best of times, but with your furry friend by your side to cheer you up, you’ll experience more happiness during those long work hours that can carry you through the difficult times. 
  • Encourage Productivity – Working from home can often mean increased productivity and not just when it comes to the work itself.  Telework allows you to balance your work tasks with your home life tasks, such as looking after your pets’ well-being.  It’s a time where multi-tasking can really encourage productivity because you’re not expending excess thoughts and energy on worrying about what your pet is getting up to or whether or not they’re receiving enough one-on-one time.   
  • Increased Physical Activity – That’s right, you can still be productive while on the clock and get more physical activity in.  With pets, you can expect a few loving interruptions from time to time, whether it’s to go for a walk, to get some extra play time in, or simply for a few spare moments to cuddle.  But, all of this not only works to their advantage but yours, because it breaks up those long hours of just sitting at a desk, and encourages you to get up and move more, which benefits everyone’s overall health and well-being.   

With benefits like these, you’ll soon be asking yourself how you could ever go back to working outside of the home away from your pets!  So, take advantage of this time to bond with your favorite furry companions, and take a moment to observe and appreciate all of the joy and encouragement they bring to your day – work or otherwise.

Featured photo credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay, cc

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