Bucky’s Story


“Hi there” my name is Bucky.

I have been asked specifically by the Doc himself to give you the grand tour through our new clinic. Before we get started I am going to give you a little personal pet info on myself. I am a 9 year old male, “top of the line”, Jack Russell Terrier. I was born in Dade City, FL weighing in at about 1 lb. I am just as cute now as I was then.

I have traveled far and wide in the back of the Doc’s truck for hundreds of thousands of miles. I have placed my paws on the grounds of many dairies and cattle ranches. The one place that stands out most in my memory that I can recall would be Gore’s Dairy.

One early morning I was there at the dairy working cows with Doc and I guess I let my guard down. Before I knew it I had been stepped on by a large Holstein cow. Doc knew it was serious. He rushed me in to the clinic. I spent quite some time in the hospital and in recovery. I did finally come around. I have a few minor set backs but nothing too serious. I am not able to move as well as I once did, but that does not stop the Doc from asking me to ride with him on those large animal calls.

Now that I am getting older I do spend most of my days in the clinic hanging out, eating lunch with Doc, and just being lazy, but that is ok. The boss says I have put in my hours. I will let you know that if you look hard you just might see me in Doc’s truck going down the road. I just can’t seem to pass up a ride with Doc.

Ok back to work. I hope you will enjoy the new clinic. I know I will. Load up, come on over, and check it out in person. Be sure to stop by my office and say “Hi”. If the Doc’s in I will be there.