Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween pet safety

As everyone gears up to celebrate the most spooktacular time of year, it’s time to remind ourselves of some of those all-too important Halloween safety tips to ensure that our four-legged loved ones stay safe during the festivities.  Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you prepare for the witching hour:

  • Keep Candy Out of Reach – It’s common knowledge that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but many pet owners forget to take other types of candy into account that can also be very dangerous to your pet.  So, avoid the risk altogether, and be sure to keep every treat you bring into your home well out of reach.  This includes keeping stray candy wrappers, tin foil and cellophane far out of the way as well, as these materials can be very dangerous if swallowed.  If your pet does accidentally get ahold of something dangerous, call your vet or poison control center immediately.    
  • Only Style for Comfort – If you’re dressing your pet up in a costume this season, it’s important to make sure that your pet is comfortable at all times.  Costumes can be an unnecessary source of stress and anxiety for pets, so keep things simple, and don’t try to force them to wear something they don’t want to.  If you want them to love their costume, it’s important to keep them relaxed with calming treats, lots of love and praise.
  • Watch Out for Decorations – Keep dangerous and potentially hazardous decorations far away from pets.  Sure, all of your excitement and hard work may make for a fantastically spooky atmosphere, but some decorations can also put your pet in serious danger.  Be sure to keep wires and cords from decorative lights hidden and out of reach so that your pet doesn’t chew or get tangled in them and suffer cuts, burns or even life threatening shocks.  Also, if you have lit pumpkins indoors, opt for battery-powered candles instead of actual flames, as these can easily be knocked over by a pet and cause a fire.  Also, watch out for pets chewing on those decorative pumpkins.  While it’s not toxic if ingested, it will give your pet a very upset stomach.
  • Maintain Visibility – If you go outside with your pet to enjoy the spooktacular festivities, make sure that both you and your pet are visible at all times.  Wearing things like reflectors, lights, safety vests, and light or bright colors can help ensure that drivers and passersby see you at night. 
  • Keep Your Pet Relaxed – Even with all of the excitement, sometimes Halloween can create a bit of havoc that can be stressful to pets.  So, if you have an already nervous pet, it’s best to keep them inside to ease their anxiety.
  • Keep Kitty Inside – If you have a kitty that sometimes goes outdoors, it may be best to keep them in on Halloween.   There can be a lot of distracted drivers out there with all of the festive mayhem, so keep them safe and out of harm’s way.  If they start to get antsy, you can distract them with some play time, cat nip or a new scratching post.
  • Keep Fido Separate – If you plan to keep your pup safely indoors during the spooky action, it’s a good idea to keep them in a separate room away from the chaos of the trick-or-treaters who may come to your door.  Too many strangers can overwhelm them and cause your dog to act in an unusually protective or aggressive manner. 
  • Keep ID Tags On – Whether your pet spends Halloween indoors or outdoors, some of the frightful festivities may scare or startle them causing them to run away.  So, be sure that your pet keeps a color on with updated ID tags.  This way, if they happen to escape when you go to open the door to greet some trick-or-treaters or get off leash, you can more easily track them down in all of the chaos.

Keep everyone safe and sound with these common-sense safety tips.  Happy Halloween! 


Featured photo credit: Fotoshautnah via Pixabay, cc


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