Haunting Litter Boxes: Steps to Ensure Your Cat’s Litter Box Doesn’t Become a Spooky Mess

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It may be the beginning of a season that surrounds haunted festivities and bewitching fun, but that doesn’t mean that the frightful vibes should extend into your home in the form of your cat’s litter box.  Oh no!  Anyone who has ever walked into a home only to be hit by a wall of hideous smells coming from that box in the corner knows that this is indeed a horrific, haunting nightmare.  So, what can you do to ensure that your cat’s litter box doesn’t become a spooky mess?   

Maintenance of your kitty’s litter box is incredibly important, not just for the sake of your nostrils, but for your feline companion’s well-being.  Sure, it’s easy to blame the mess on kitty, but the fact is that the most undesired task of cleaning their bathroom is up to you.  But, it doesn’t have to be a complicated chore so long as you make it a regular part of your routine.  It’s just a matter of making sure you keep all of the necessary tools on-hand, and working the “chore” into your daily schedule.  And, as long as you stay on top of it, it takes just as much time as it would for you to wash your face and brush your teeth. 

Here are some simple cleaning steps to keep your home smelling fresh:

  • Prep the Space – First things first, you’ll want to prep your cat’s litter box by placing a liner at the bottom.  This will not only make it easier for you to clean up when the time comes for it to be changed but will keep the box itself clean and smelling fresh. 
  • Add Litter – As you pour litter into your fresh box, make sure that there’s at least a few inches.  Remember, kitty’s going to scratch and dig around.  Some dig further than others, so just see what they prefer.  Otherwise, you’ll hear them scratch the bottom of the box. 
  • Clean – Once your cat box is all prepped and good to go, it’s easy to maintain.  You just have to remember to scoop up their waste each day.  Use the sifter to get everything out, at least twice a day, and put it into a disposable bag or something of your preference.  Then add fresh litter as needed to replace whatever’s been taken out. 
  • Trash – Finally, you just toss the collected waste in the trash.  And, just like that, you’re good to go!  Your kitty’s box will once again be fresh and ready to use.   
  • Wash – When the time comes to wash the box itself, just use hot water with unscented soap.  Rinse, dry, and set it back up. 

If you have more than one cat in your home, the general rule of thumb is to make sure that each has their own box, at a minimum.  Be sure to place them in areas where your cat can have some privacy and quiet.  You want to put them in areas where kitty will be calm.  Otherwise, they’ll be too scared to use them and end up having accidents around the house.   


Featured photo credit: tranmautritam via Pixabay, cc


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