How to Celebrate July 4th with Pet-Friendly Family Activities

Our pets are part of our families, so of course we want to include them in our holiday celebrations!  And, as we all set our Fourth of July plans to spend time with our family and friends enjoying the outdoors, don’t forget to include things that your pet will love to participate in as well.  To get the ball rolling, here are some fun and unique pet-friendly family activities you can do together as you celebrate our nation’s Independence Day:   

  • Backyard Obstacle Course – Make the ultimate Fourth of July backyard obstacle course for the whole family.  From ball tosses, to potato sack races, to egg on a spoon races, to ring tossing – the sky is the limit!  Humans and canines alike will love the challenge, the exercise, and the all-around good time. 
  • Tug of War – Most dogs love to play tug of war with their humans and other dogs.  So, take that game to the next level as a full family activity.  Split everyone up into two teams, one on each side of a long rope, and maybe Fido can be the referee, or he just may jump on one end to help pull for the win!
  • Capture the Flag – Capture the flag is a great game to play while getting some exercise.  It’s a chance for you and your pet to stretch your legs and even engage in more tug-of-war-like fun if they get ahold of your flag – they may not want to give it back!  And, if you want to make the game more hands on, turn it into a game of flag football.   
  • Corn Hole – What pet doesn’t like a game of fetch?  Well, corn hole can be the ultimate party game of fetch!  Make this classic bean bag toss a part of your 4th of July festivities.  Trust us, your pet will love it!  Just throw, and let them retrieve.
  • Frisbee Golf – Dogs love Frisbee, so see if your little buddy is up for a game of Frisbee golf.  This popular summertime sport is a great way to engage in friendly competition with your whole group while spending time under the sun.
  • Pool Ring Toss – If your pup likes to swim, cool off with a game of ring toss using pool noodles.  Set up the rings, grab a ball, and let them fly!  Your dog will love splashing around in the cool water. 

Let the fun begin!  Just remember to play it safe, and stay hydrated out there.  Happy Fourth! 


Featured photo credit: 825545 via Pixabay, cc

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