How to Include Your Pet in Your Christmas Celebrations

Tis the season for family fun and celebrations!  But, the holiday festivities shouldn’t just be limited to those two-legged family members – they should also include your beloved four-legged family members!  So, make sure you have some Christmas cheer planned for your pets this year.  After all, they don’t just want to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the family have fun; they want to be a part of the action.

Here are a few fun things you can do with your pet to make this holiday extra special for everyone: 

  • Exchange Christmas Presents – That’s right!  Gifts aren’t just for humans!  So, while you’re out shopping for those perfect presents for your two-legged family members, don’t forget to pick up something special for your four-legged family members.  You can even make them their own stocking, and hang it next to yours on the mantel.  Stuff it with all kinds of treats, toys and goodies you know they’ll love.  That way, they can open gifts with you on Christmas morning.  It’s fun for everyone!  Some great gift ideas include stuffies, a new bed, maybe even a new Christmas sweater.
  • Dress Up in Festive Outfits – Everyone loves to dress up in their most festive outfits around the holidays, and your pets can join in on this tradition too.  And, there are so many adorable Christmas-themed outfit choices out there these days that are sure to put you and your furry loved one in the holiday spirit.  Have everyone dress up in Santa outfits, put on reindeer antlers, or have an ugly sweater contest, because yes – they make them for pets too!  You can all match for your holiday events, just remember that if you do dress your pet to make sure that they’re comfortable in their attire and that it’s not too constricting.  
  • Stage a Family Holiday Photo Shoot – Once the whole family’s dressed up in their holiday best, it’s time for a Christmas photo shoot.  Then, share your silly photos with friends, family and other pet lovers.  And not only is this a fun activity sure to make everyone smile, it’s so easy!  All you need is a camera or camera phone, and then take turns passing it around playing photographer for the day.  Who knows, your photos may even turn into next year’s Christmas card!
  • Bake Some Tasty Pet-Friendly Treats – Everyone loves special baked treats during the holidays!  For lots of families, baking treats is a Christmas tradition, so why not whip up something that your pet can enjoy too?  The good news is that there are all kinds of delicious pet-friendly recipes available.  Just surf the web or ask for some at your local pet store.  You can find instructions to bake everything from cookies, to biscuits, to holiday-themed candy cane treats, to cheesy bites, and so much more!  And, if you’re simply not up for baking up a storm in your kitchen, you can always pick up some pre-made holiday treats from your local pet bakery.  Just, be sure to double check that all recipes are safe and don’t contain any ingredients that your pet shouldn’t be eating.  

No matter what kind of cheerful fun you have planned to enjoy with your pet this Christmas, it will already be special simply because you are spending time with each other.  That’s the true meaning of Christmas, after all.  So, enjoy this quality time with one another.  Merry Christmas! 


Featured photo credit: Chibimundo via Pixabay, cc

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