Merlin is March Pet of the Month

6 month old Merlin was adopted from Manatee County Animal Control in Sept of 2013 after his soon-to-be owner Colleen found him sitting in the middle of the road, forcing her to stop. He held his injured front leg up for her to see, when the “dogcatcher” looking for him drove up. Colleen picked Merlin up and he was so emaciated that it caught her off guard. His 2 siblings were taken to the Humane Society adoption center right away, leaving him behind. She ended up adopting him and nursed him thru colitis, the result of eating anything he could find on the streets. Now, he is smart, attentive, kind, and playful and loves Guinevere, an abused escapee that Colleen adopted 2 years ago. Both of them are inseparable and show their gratitude every day.