Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm During New Year’s Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is a night that many look forward to celebrating to close out the end of another year.  It’s a night of parties that include the always anticipated midnight fireworks displays, and it’s fun for all, right?  Well, not exactly.

While humans enjoy the booming displays that light up the skies, our pets don’t appreciate them as much.  In fact, this time of year can be incredibly anxiety-inducing for them.  The gunfire-like sounds that echo through the night sky often make them feel like they’re under attack, causing them to lose all feeling of security and the ability to act rationally.  For some, the insecurity makes them simply cower in a corner, but others have been known to go so far as to jump out windows, run away, or worse.    

Simply put, traditional New Year’s celebrations just aren’t for everyone.  So, to help your pet better cope with the frightful noises of the night, we’re sharing some tips to help keep your pet calm as the rest of us ring in 2020.  Here’s what you can do:

  • Wear Them Out – Through extra play time and plenty of exercise, your pet will naturally become calmer because they will have had the opportunity to get out all of that pent-up energy.  Keep them moving as long as possible before the night’s celebrations go into full swing so that when the real noise starts, they’ll be too tired to get anxious.
  • Confine Them – Pets feel most comfortable and safe in familiar environments.  Most even have their own little corner out of the way somewhere, or a favorite bed, or their crate.  So, set up their go-to comforts in a closed off space as far away from the action as possible. 
  • Distract Them – It’s a good idea to leave your pet with something that will stimulate their mind and distract them while fireworks are going off.  Things like toys, games, treat puzzles, catnip, kongs, etc. can all help to redirect their focus.    
  • Provide Alternate Sound – Positive noise is something that can be used to distract your pet from what’s happening outside.  Once settled into their own little area, you might put on some calm, classical music or even their favorite TV show to cover up or mask the sounds outside.  Just make sure it’s not too loud.  The point is to simply provide a comfortable disguise. 
  • Provide Physical Comfort – The most important thing to help keep your pet calm is to not dismiss their anxieties.  Make time to provide physical and verbal comfort all night long.  After all, they take their cues from you.  So, if they see that you are calm, they’ll remain calm.  Give them lots of love and personal attention to let them know that everything’s going to be alright. 
  • Ask Your Veterinarian – If you already know that your pet is easily stressed by unfamiliar noises or has an anxiety disorder, then go ahead and ask your veterinarian for advice.  As they are the experts and already have an understanding of your pet’s particular behavioral tendencies, they’ll be able to provide the best tips to keep your four-legged companion calm during the festivities. 

Happy New Year!

Featured Photo Credit: kennedyfotos via Pixabay, cc

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