Tips for Safe Camping with Your Pet

Everyone loves spending quality time with the family.  For many, this includes pets.  We take them in the car, to restaurants, parks and so much more!  And now, with summer rolling in, many of us are planning exciting getaways with our loved ones. 

Camping, for example, is a great way to bond with not only the humans in your family but your pet as well.  Dogs absolutely love camping!  So, plan a fun expedition with them this summer, just remember to put their safety first.  Camping this time of year means exposure to extreme temperatures, so know how to keep your pup cool and comfortable.  Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Watch out for dehydration – Be sure to provide fresh, cool water for your pup at all times.  Dehydration can come on fast, so know the signs before you and your K9 companion spend time outdoors.  Symptoms include, excessive panting, dry, sticky mouth and gums, dry, chapped nose, unsteadiness, vomiting, lack of appetite, and lethargy.  If you notice any of these signs, seek help from a professional immediately. 
  • Refrain from over exertion – While many go camping to enjoy long hikes, remember that excessive exercise in these hot temperatures can be harmful to your pup.  Unlike humans, dogs often don’t know their limits and can easily push themselves past the point of exhaustion, even when they’re overheated.  So, keep hikes and play outside in-check.  It’s also best to keep any activities that require exertion to mornings and evenings when it’s a bit cooler. 
  • Keep the paws cool – If you notice your dog start to pant, it’s because he or she is trying to cool themselves off.  This is a sign of overheating.  One way you can help them cool down is to keep their paws cool.  Whether you wrap them in a cool, damp cloth, or dip them in a cool stream, this can greatly help to bring down their temperature and return them to a more comfortable state.
  • Provide shade – Whether you’re camping in a tent or an air-conditioned camper, make sure you have something to create shade for your pup when spending time in the open outdoors.  Providing the option of cover will help them stay cool and reduce potentially harmful sun exposure. 

The best way to enjoy a summer camping trip with your pet by your side is to ensure they stay cool and comfortable at all times.  Not only is this beneficial to their health and overall well-being, it will make for happier memories for all along the way.   


Featured photo credit: Greenstock via Pixabay, cc


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