Tips to Better Prepare for Your Pet Sitter

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With vacations on the books, perhaps you’re considering having a pet sitter stay with your four-legged loved ones while you’re away.  If this is where you currently find yourself, then listen up, because we’re sharing some tips to help you better prepare your home, your pet, and your sitter for your departure.  These are the steps you should take in order to ensure your pet gets the best care possible:    

  • Introduce – You don’t want your pet’s first introduction to your chosen pet sitter to be the day they first show up on the job while you’re already away.  Make sure you give your pet time to adjust to this new person who will be caring for them.  Schedule a meet and greet with everyone so you can make sure everyone bonds appropriately.  You also want to use this time to show your sitter around your home and to give them all of the information that they’re going to need to care for your pet. 
  • Inform – During your meet and greet, make sure your pet sitter has all of the information that they could need, including all emergency contacts and veterinary information, as well as access to all supplies they may need to care for your pet.  You don’t want them to have to search for instructions or items.  Everything should be placed in a specific location that’s easily accessible to them (and only them; not your pet) with clear, written instructions.  This includes having everything from food and treats ready, to showing your pet sitter where they can find can openers, utensils, medications, cleaning supplies, waste bags, litter, trash bins, etc.  
  • Pet-Proof – When pets are left alone they tend to get bored easily and will therefore start putting their curious nature to use by exploring the space, looking to cause mischief.  So, be sure to pet-proof every part of your home that your pet may have access to while you’re away.  Be sure to keep all loose objects and toxic materials or cleaning supplies far out of your pet’s reach.  And, don’t forget to close all closets and cupboards, put toilet lids down, and store toiletries and medications in secure locations.    
  • Check Thermostat – Don’t forget to set your thermostat for your time away, or leave specific instructions for your pet sitter on how to use and adjust it, as your pet will be sealed and locked in your home.  You want them to remain comfortable, especially in these hot temperatures.  And, don’t forget to leave instructions on how to reset the thermostat in the event of a power-outage. 
  • Book Early – Pet sitters’ schedules can fill up fast, especially during prime vacation season.  So, be sure to book as far in advance as possible.  And, it’s best to go ahead and plan for a backup sitter just in case scheduling conflicts arise both before your departure and while you’re away.  

By making sure your pet sitter is well prepared before you go out of town, they’ll be able to strictly focus on the love and care of your pet for an all-around happier experience.  Just don’t forget that when you’re looking for a pet sitter that you conduct thorough interviews, and check references, licenses, insurance, etc. so that your pet is left in expert hands.     


Featured photo credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay, cc


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