Binky is March Pet of the Month!

Dade City Animal Clinic Pet of the Month - Binky

Binky came to Diane and her family at 4 weeks old, she was born a year and a month after the passing of Diane’s youngest son at 18 from cardiomyopathy. The family needed Binky as much as she needed them. At six months old Binky was vomiting and acting off. The family’s regular vet saw her, and said she was fine and to bring her back in 48 hours if it didn’t clear up. Something told Diane that they couldn’t wait, so she got on the phone and started calling vets. Dade City Animal Clinic was the only vet who said to bring Binky in now. By the time they got from their home to the clinic it was almost closing time. Dr. Taylor checked Binky over, did tests, and said she was very, very ill with pancreatitis. He stayed late and took amazing care if his new little patient. Now nearly 7 years later Binky and her furry siblings would go no where else but, Dade City Animal Clinic. She is definitely a loved member of her family. Diane and Binky are so grateful to Dr. Taylor and staff for the care they continue to give.