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Top Dog-Friendly Florida Beaches

With warm weather settling in for the summer, it’s time to head to the beach! One of the best things about our sunny, Florida beaches is that pet owners don’t have to feel guilty about leaving their best friends at home, locked in a kennel or being watched over by strangers. Your furry K9 companions […]

An Overview of Cat Bladder Stones

Cats are creatures of habit, and so, when your cat starts to act a bit abnormally there may be cause for some concern. If you have a cat that is usually passive and are starting to see an aggressive side, especially when he/she visits the litter box, it may be bladder stones. Here are a […]

Signs Your Dog May Have Arthritis

Just like people, as dogs get older they have a tendency to take on certain aliments that the youth are generally exempt from. One such thing would be arthritis. And where we would not like to think upon our canine companions in a state of pain from this condition, it has been reported that it […]