How to Incorporate Pet Friendly Holiday Décor

As pet owners everywhere start to deck the halls and trim their trees, it’s important to remember to take appropriate precautions in order to protect your beloved pet from holiday hazards.  That’s why we’re taking a look at some pet-friendly holiday décor ideas that won’t harm your four-legged companion that will still bring the spirit of the holiday season joyously into your home.  Here are some tips:

  • Put Out the Candles – Holiday candles are wonderful for bringing warmth and festive light into a home this time of year, but any open flame around a pet, no matter how well trained, is also a very real danger to all.  One wag of a tail or a jump can tip flaming candles over and start a fire.  Flameless, battery-powered candles are a much safer option.  They still bring that sparkle into your home and décor while also providing peace of mind for all.
  • Plant the Tree – Curious or rambunctious pets can easily tip your perfectly decorated Christmas tree over when a sudden surge of energy or excitement takes over.  So, don’t let your hard work go to waste, and make certain that your tree is safely stabilized.  It’s in everyone’s best interest, as a toppled tree will not only put a damper on your holiday spirit, it can throw broken, hazardous materials all over your house.   
  • Carefully Select Ornaments – If you have high-energy pets running around, taking out those treasured, highly-breakable family heirlooms can be risky.  So, when decorating your Christmas tree, choose your ornaments wisely.  Any items you specifically hope to protect should go near the top of the tree and be tightly fastened to prevent them from falling and shattering, which can injury a curious pet.  It’s also best to avoid adding smaller decorations within your pet’s reach.  Things like strands of beads or popcorn, candy, etc. should be skipped altogether, as they’re choking hazards.  Also, be sure you keep track of all ornament hooks you bring out while decorating.
  • Fasten Stockings – A lot of people hang their stockings on the hearth from heavy stocking holders.  And, while these may look great, they can easily be pulled down or knocked over by a pet.  A more practical option is to use plastic hooks that attach with removable tape.  These are much harder for a pet to yank on, so there’s no risk of something heavy falling on your furry companion, injuring them.      
  • Skip Live Plants – While holiday flowers and plants certainly are beautiful, they’re also hazardous to your pets.  Things like mistletoe and holly are highly poisonous and require veterinary care if ingested.  Even those traditional poinsettias can wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive system.  So, if you still want to decorate with these holiday staples, it’s best to opt for the fake, silk versions.   

All it takes is just a few extra minutes to plan and create your pet-friendly décor.  And trust us, it will be well worth the effort to have the peace of mind in knowing that your home and all of your loved ones are safe this holiday season. 

Featured photo credit: guvo59 via Pixabay, cc