5 Tips for Creating a More Responsive Connection with Your Pet

In today’s fast paced, ego-centric world, it can be all too easy to forget, if even just for a moment, that animals are living creatures capable of emotions.  They require nourishment, love and care just like humans do.  We know that dogs can cry, cats possess intelligence, horses can discern facial expressions, and so on, […]

Tyler, Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Ty! Pet of the Month

Tyler aka “Ty”, is the happiest dog I have ever known. He loves everyone and greets them with uncontrollable tail wags and wet sloppy kisses. He is a very good boy. His favorite things to do are play with his toys, play with his dog siblings, and cuddle with his family members. The 3 kids […]

Common Signs and Causes of GI Upset in Pets

When your pet becomes ill, you often get worried. They cannot communicate whether they’re seriously ill or if it is just a small bug that they might have caught. This is a cause of concern for many pet owners. However, it is good to consider both good (and bad!) causes of GI upset in pets. […]

August Pet of the Month Harley & Pepper

Harley (right) and Pepper (left) are 3 month old German Shorthaired Pointers. Even though they are sisters they are complete opposites. Harley loves running around visiting everyone and cuddling with you, but Pepper loves sleeping and being on her own. When they are together Harley makes sure that Pepper plays with her for a good […]

July Pets of the Month

July Pets of the Month!

Meet Wade, Winnie, & Cass! They are siblings that belong to 3 of our employees. Maui, the 4th sibling, also belongs to an employee but was unable to be there. These silly pups are 5 months old and are as playful as they are sweet. We love when they come to visit us at work! […]