Congratulations Katie – October Pet of the Month

Katie, a Catahoula, came to her family as a Mother’s Day rescue nine years ago. She has been the center of all affections since that day. Last March however she was a little sluggish and her owner Carol took her in to Dr. Chet and found out she had Cushing’s Disease that drove Diabetes. It […]


How to Help Your Pet Cope with the Back-to-School Routine

Summer break is officially over, and while you and your family prepare schedules for the school year ahead and make adjustments to your routine, remember that your pet will also have to make these adjustments.  Of course, they don’t exactly know it’s coming, now do they?  They’ve surely become accustomed to having their family around […]

Hairball Prevention

Tips for Hairball Prevention

Cat owners know all about what comes from those horrible hacking and gagging noises our pets make.  One moment your cat is happy, minding their own business, or perhaps playing, the next they’re spitting up a long, slimy ball of fur on your nice clean floor – a hairball.  Hairballs are wads of fur that […]