Isabella is May’s Pet of the Month

Isabella parents rescued her during the pandemic last November. She was such a tiny baby. The smallest dog they ever owned! She is 6lbs now and they call her their big girl. Even though she is still the smallest dog she is huge on personality! They just love her to pieces!


Ronan is Pet of the Month!

Ronan is a rescued kitten that had his tail amputated due to injury. He loves listening to the shower while he lounges in the bathroom. He belongs to our employee, Susan and Ronan will be a year old on April 20.


Merlin is March Pet of the Month

6 month old Merlin was adopted from Manatee County Animal Control in Sept of 2013 after his soon-to-be owner Colleen found him sitting in the middle of the road, forcing her to stop. He held his injured front leg up for her to see, when the “dogcatcher” looking for him drove up. Colleen picked Merlin […]