baby gorilla

Baby Gorilla Born via C-Section!

This was one exciting weekend for Imani, an 18 year old gorilla who lives at the San Diego Zoo.  She gave birth to her first baby on Friday, and it was definitely a very eventful birth! If your birthday is March 12th, you now share your special day with this lovable little lady: In the […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There is a very green weekend ahead of all of us, and we hope you stay safe and enjoy the festivities.  Dress your dog in his best green duds and let him strut his stuff at your St. Paddy’s Day party or parade, especially if you share your home with one […]

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Freshly Baked Cookies!

By Marissa Kasarov Do you ever wonder what is in your dog’s favorite snacks that makes him want to sit, stay, roll over, and beg?  Read the label!  If you’re able to decipher those 8-syllable words, you’re a step ahead of most of us. Baking yummy treats at home is a great way to be […]


Did you know?

-by Marissa Kasarov Most dogs can reach speeds up to 19 miles per hour!  Compare that to humans who can typically run between 5 miles per hour (after a major cupcake binge) and 10 miles per hour (when being chased). Greyhounds and relative breeds are even speedier, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 42 miles per […]