Happy Mother’s Day, Dog Moms!

Mother’s Day is our annual opportunity to pay tribute to the women who have devoted their lives to caring for us.  That includes dog moms!  Whether your midnight trips are made to the veterinary hospital or the pediatrician, we want to celebrate you.  So, Happy Mother’s Day, Dog Moms!  We hope you enjoy your weekend. […]

red panda 5

Red Panda!

Have you ever heard of a red panda?  This not-quite-panda/ not-quite-raccoon is such a cutie! Red more about the endangered red panda at National Geographic. You can also check out the Red Panda Network to learn more about conservation efforts.

C.S.I. – Style Dog DNA

Thinking of leaving your dog’s “gifts” where he drops them?  You probably want to think again.  In an article titled Growing Pet DNA Industry Identified Poop Offenders, the Kansas City Star gives you plenty of reasons to pick up. “A dog’s DNA doesn’t lie. With this in mind, Peevy turned to the Internet to confirm […]

A happy sheep

We Love Our Animals. Let’s Keep Them Happy!

The American Veterinary Medical Association has launched an exciting new feature for veterinarians and the public.  The AVMA’s new Animal Welfare Hub provides a one-stop resource for any person seeking information on animal welfare policies, guidelines, or other animal welfare – related topic. Animal lovers everywhere hold the responsibility of providing and advocating for the […]


Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

…one is silver, and the other’s gold. Thinking of adding a new cat to your family?  Great!  Although getting a new pet is a super exciting event for everyone, your current pets may not agree (at first).  Here are some ideas for incorporating a new kitten into your feline-loving family: Introduce your new kitten to […]