The Kit ‘n’ Caboodle of Safe Pet Travel

Spring and summer are season of freedom and fun!  Of course, that means plenty of travel for the whole family, including our pets.  As you’re packing for your pooch and planning for visits to sunny destinations, remember to keep his safety and well-being in mind.  We’ve provided some useful guidelines for you here.  Let us […]


Want a Little Kitty With That Coffee?

That’s exactly the idea behind the newest trend in coffeehouses around the world!  The concept behind cat cafes is that patrons can watch and play with a bevy of feline hosts and hostesses while they enjoy a cup of joe.  We’re not sure how that works around local health regulations, but that’s not really our […]

Dog blood donor recipients

Let Your Dog Be A Hero!

Did you know that dogs have blood types, too?  Canine blood groups are completely different from the ABO groups we are used to hearing about in humans, but there are definitely some similarities. For instance, just like people, dogs have a specific blood type that is referred to as the “universal donor”.  These are dogs […]